May 24, 2017

Contralto Mandola

What has been said for the tenor mandola is valid for the contralto one as well.
This instrument possesses a medium high sound range but its position within musical literature or regarding its tuning has never been clear and this has lead me to design a tenor model in order to distinguish the E – A – D – G tuning from the proper contralto one (A – D – G – C), required by its diapason (430 millimeters or 172 inch.).

Time required for construction : 4 months
Weight : about 900 grams; (1,98 lbs).
Length: 760 millimeters (304 Inch.)
Types of wood employed : maple and rosewood for the body, firwood for the front of the harmonic box, ebony and rosewood for the fingerboard.
Polishing : opaque (ancient style) or hand polished (blotted polishing with shellac)
Diapason : 430 millimeters (172 inch.)
Number of frets : 24
Strings : steel 1^A 0.14 (Inch.) – 2^D 0.24 (Inch.) – 3^G 0.34 (Inch.) – 4^ C 0.50 (Inch.)

Number of staves: 11.


Tuning :


Sound range :

Mod. 1

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Mod. 2